We believe that everyone should have a successful social media presence. Our goal here at Sycamore Social is to help you grow your audience using consistent posting methods that save you time. From conversions to reach, Sycamore can help position you to achieve that goal.

We’ve tried the other platforms out there. We spent a lot of time and money on things that didn’t work, and didn’t help meet our clients needs. Basically – Sycamore is composed of the best parts of what we’ve used before without all the other things we didn’t need. 

Content Curation

Go through and put your hands on your content. Take a look at your feed and manage it to fit your needs

Post Scheduling

Take the stress out of manually posting by scheduling posts. Identify best practices and trends and set yourself apart

Unified Social Inbox

Manage all of your notifications in one centralized location. Take control of all those messages!

Historical Analytics

Check out your stats! Our analytic software can help you see how and why your posts did well.

Content Approvals

Approve all content before it is posted! Your team can provide feedback on your content campaigns before scheduling.

Auto Import Content

Have regular sources for content? You can have them imported directly into your content library as it is published.

Meet Our Team

Team work makes the dream work! Meet our team members who work together to make your social media dreams a reality. These are real people with real expertise poised and ready to help you navigate the twists and terms of successful social media management.

Lauren Cumbie
Digital Media Specialist
Emily Jones
Digital Media Specialist
Brian Harris

Product of
Dogwood Media Solutions

Sycamore Social is a product of Dogwood Media Solutions, a full-service marketing agency based out of Montgomery, Alabama. Dogwood is owned by business partners Brian Harris and Thomas Jones who you’ll also see taking an active role in the daily operations of Sycamore Social too! Learn more about Dogwood at DogwoodMediaSolutions.com. Also, check out their lifestyle magazine at Dogwood Journal